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Tay Tay Customs

Personalized works of art! Hand painted, completely original.

No two pairs alike!

About the Artist

Samuel Taylor was born in Akron, Ohio. From a very early age Sam showed a great interest in drawing and painting.

Once in high school, Sam created his first pair of shoes and has not stopped since! A self taught artist, Sam’s creations are all original and created to order. Every one should have a pair of Tay Tay Customs!

A Special Assignment

Monday Night Football

Retired NFL referee and Monday Night Football analyst, John Perry, asked to have a  pair of shoes created for Monday Night Football’s Troy Aikman and Joe Buck. The shoes will be a gift to the pair to commemorate the end of the 2022 season on the Monday night staple.

All-Star Cleats

A local athlete and friend wanted to make a statement not only with his play on the field, but with his footwear as well. Go Blue Devils!

Make your own statement!

Want to stand out? Make your own statement with a pair of Tay Tay Customs. If you have an idea, or are open to creative whims of the artist, get a hold of Tay Tay Customs to get your own pair!

A look into the creative process

A glimpse into the mind and skills of the artist at work.

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